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Early Surgical Abortion

Confident serious young woman standing with folded arms staring directly at the camera  isolated on white A “First Trimester Surgical Abortion” is a very safe method to terminate pregnancies between  six to 14 weeks.  The D&C surgical abortion is performed in our office and requires only a  single visit.  Early surgical pregnancy terminations are completed in a matter of minutes and the patient may choose to be awake or completely asleep.

First the initial paperwork, ultrasound, lab work, and a medical history and physical  examination are done.  The procedure is performed in a safe and secure operating room by  one of our highly skilled and licensed OB/GYN surgeons.  If you choose to be asleep for your  procedure, general anesthesia is provided under the supervision of a highly trained and  licensed CRNA.  Following the surgical procedure, the patient is then taken to our general  recovery room where licensed registered nurses and certified medical assistants monitor patient recovery.  Prior to discharge, post-operative instructions, medications, and birth control are provided for continued recovery at home.

A D&C surgical procedure is a very safe method of pregnancy termination.  The risk of serious harm or death is far below that associated with routine childbirth.  In general, serious risk of infection, bleeding, or death associated with a D&C surgical procedure are well below 1%.  The D&C surgical procedure has a success rate approaching 99%.  On very rare occasions, a second surgical procedure may be recommended or required to treat subsequent problems or concerns.

We routinely request a follow-up visit after your procedure.  It is important that you come in for your follow-up appointment for us to check that the abortion was successful and also make sure that you do not have any complications.

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